Scrum Beyond Software

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Scrum is a framework for managing complex problems. Its underlying principles and values, and the simple framework itself can be applied in many different contexts. Essentially, any knowledge work or work that involves people in collaboration can benefit from a Scrum-like approach.

At the last USA Scrum Gathering in Orlando, Harrison Owen ran an Open Space session to explore the future of Scrum, and out of that Open Space came many ideas and suggestions for the application of Scrum in areas outside of software development.  Some working groups have formed, including Scrum for Non-profits and The Scrum Collective to explore these ideas further, and Suzanne Daigle, the Open Space facilitator who supported Harrison Owen during the Orlando event has become very enthusiastic about the force of Scrum and Open Space combined: the two approaches share a common philosophy.

The Scrum Alliance staff team have been working with Suzanne to create the upcoming Scrum Beyond Software event to be held in Phoenix, Arizona on 24-26 September at the wonderful Gangplank facility. This event is limited to 100 people, and we encourage anyone who is passionate about Scrum and would like to explore its application in new ways to join us.  Our goal, as always, is to live the Scrum Alliance mission statement: transforming the world of work.

The event kicks off on Friday 24th September with an optional one-day “Introduction to Scrum” workshop, facilitated by Lyssa Adkins. This will allow those participants who are new to Scrum the opportunity to learn the underlying philosophy and framework of Scrum with one of the most exciting and effective Scrum trainers in the community. Even if you know Scrum, you are welcome to join the workshop which will be both a refresher, and –quite likely– a new take on a familiar subject.

There will be a reception on Friday evening to welcome everyone and introduce the event.  The Open Space will take place over the weekend, 25-26 September. In Open Space anyone can propose a session and we encourage all participants to come with ideas. To support this there will be a pre-event discussion group set up on the Phoenix Scrum Beyond Software blog. This mechanism will allow all of us to get to know one another before we meet in purpose, and begin to explore ideas a few weeks ahead of the event.

The Scrum Alliance has partnered with a local child-care agency to offer on-site childcare. Older children will be able to join in the Gangplank Junior activities and perhaps even some of the Open Space dialogs. I can imagine that hearing children’s voices in a discussion on Scrum in Elementary Schools would be both fascinating and important.

The whole event promises to be a compelling mix of people, ideas and lively discussion.  We hope that out of this will come many more working groups, and some clear direction for introducing Scrum into different contexts. There is already a strong movement towards bringing Scrum into schools and this event will help to gel many of the ideas that have been explored over the past months.

The SA staff team are very excited about this event, which represents a new path of exploration by the Scrum Alliance, and is one of many important changes the organization is making to truly live its mission and spread the ideas of Scrum to anyone who would benefit.

If you’d like to sign up for Scrum Beyond Software, please go to the Scrum Alliance Events page and follow the links. We hope to see you there. If you’d like to ask a specific question you can email us directly.

In order to keep the entry cost low we are financing the event in part through a micro-sponsorship model. This invites individuals to contribute $100 upwards towards the event. In return you’ll get your name on the printed program as a supporter of the event. Please consider this, even if you are unable to attend. Visit our sign up page to start the sponsorship process

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