Scaling Agile — a perfect method

There are lots of frameworks and suggestions these days for how to scale Agile to the enterprise. They all miss the point, because the proponents of these methods use the wrong definition for scaling. I have a perfect method for scaling Agile. To describe it I’ll use a fish metaphor. A fishmonger scales fish in just the same way we should be scaling Agile. I actually call this method Scaling and Filleting Agile, or SaFA for short (pronounced “safer”).


SaFA begins with the (quite reasonable) assumption that if you are an enterprise attempting to “do Agile” then you have likely accumulated a lot of crap: expensive tracking tools, various flavours of consultant, painful, pointless meetings, new roles that look exactly like the old roles but with different names, and no shortage of charts, graphs, burnups, burndowns… and burnout.

The fish is your enterprise. Looks good from the outside, but unstomachable within. So start scaling. Remove the veneer of Agile with all its phoney buzz words, its bright, shiny corporate artefacts. Then take out the choking hazards, the bottlenecks to actual productivity, the organizational impediments to true engagement, the small annoyances that make people vomit. Finally, remove the guts and gore that represent all the rest of the waste, the remnants of a life you are no longer to be bound to.

Congratulations. The value of your enterprise fish has risen in the market, and now you have something to plan a recipe around.

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