The Artful Organization

To thrive in the business world today we need the speed of the human mind, racing ahead of our stumbling footfalls; we need the immediacy of eye contact and physical touch; we need purpose, focus, and healthy conflict; and we need the creativity of the collaborative spirit, unleashed through trust and self-organization, eyes filled with wonderment, nerves tingling. Maybe then we stand a chance.

The artful organization fosters a culture of openness, trust and innovation; it is a place where creativity and joy flourish as happy equals to financial success. The artful organization employs extraordinary, and sometimes counter-intuitive ideas, juxtaposed with a pragmatic approach to generate the tension, energy and beauty conducive to such transformation.

Some reading material to inspire an artful way of thinking about work:

Books — a few well-worn ‘classics’ I frequently reference

Blogs — a few current writers I feel aligned with

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