A new role for 2010

At the end of last year I discussed with Tom Mellor (chairman) and Lowell Lindstrom (managing director) the need for a new role in the Scrum Alliance, a role which we began calling Creative Director.  I was offered, and accepted this role which began officially on 1st January.   I’m very honored to be joining the Scrum Alliance in this capacity, and look forward to working with the rest of the staff team, and the community in general.  An official announcement of this, and other important updates about the Scrum Alliance is posted as a news item on the SA website.

Here follows a first-draft, high-level job description that Lowell and I put together.  As this is a new role, much of what I’ll be doing is piloting new ideas, so expect the job description to change over time.

Creative Director Job Description

The Creative Director is a new role in the Scrum Alliance.  The person filling this role will be responsible for the creative direction of the Scrum Alliance.  Creativity does not come from the few, but from the many, so a key part of this job will be to reach out to individuals and groups in the Scrum and wider Agile communities, to collect ideas and synthesize them for the benefit of the members of the Scrum Alliance in the form of gatherings, workshops and other live events, videos and written work.  A second, and equally important part of the role will be to coordinate the efforts of the Improvement Communities, to ensure clear goals are set, progress is visible and results are socialized to the community.  The Creative Director will also initiate and coordinate special programs within the Scrum Alliance, such as the new Scholarship program for those in financial difficulty and a mentoring program for CST applicants. This role is currently 75% full time.

My heart is in community and in exploring creative directions in which Scrum can be taken towards the SA mission of “transforming the world of work”, so this job is a good fit.  In search of creativity and community spirit I will be traveling often to different parts of the world, and available to talk or run workshops at user group meetings or other community-focused gatherings.  You can check my calendar at http://bit.ly/wherestobias to see where I’ll be at any given time.

I hope to meet many of you over the next twelve months.

20 responses to “A new role for 2010

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  3. Looking forward to see you in India sometimes then 🙂

  4. Might I suggest that your first job is to come up with something that sounds nicer than “scrum” for the name of your alliance ? 🙂

    I’m fine with Agile as a tool for rapid software development but as a southern lady, I can never feel comfortable talking about Scrum in mixed company.

  5. I could think of no one better for the job. Good luck!

  6. Good lad.

    I may now renew my subscription because I think (and hope) this new role and your involvement will mean far more value to practitioners than ever before.

    You have my vote.


  7. Well, well! Unpredictability (of a good sort) has returned to the SA. I welcome it and am happy you are there, Tobias! Kudos to the board for expanding their vision!

  8. Many congratulations, Tobias. Thanks to you and the SA board for making this happen, shows there’s a will, and a chance, for change.

  9. This I like 😉

  10. Congrats to both your and the board. This among many steps in the past year is renewing my faith in the Scrum Alliance. So much so that I will take one more step than Mike – I will apply to be a CSC and CST in the near future.

  11. Way cool, congratulations on the new role, Tobias! I am looking forward to seeing the changes that come about from this 🙂

  12. Well done, look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

  13. This is great news. I certainly view you as someone who shows great passion, integrity, and deep appreciation of Scrum.

  14. Tobias, this is really great to hear that you’re doing this. I can’t wait to see what you do with this role…it’s so you.

  15. Congratulations, I couldn’t think of anybody better suited for this job!

  16. Good stuff, Tobias! Congratulations and all that – I’m sure you will be a _very_ Creative Director

  17. Congratulations Toby! This is great news. The position sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the vision.

  18. Catherine Dupont

    Congrats & best wishes to you in your new role.

  19. You’re the man now dawg!

  20. Congrats Tobias, now hope to see you soon visiting México!

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