More Thoughts on the Scrum Alliance

I was email-interviewed last week by Dan Mezick of InfoQ regarding my recent post entitled The Scrum Compliance. It provided an opportunity for me to reflect a little further on the events that transpired during my time as the Creative Director of the SA. I did my best to offer a measured, balanced view but given the depth of my involvement this proved to be tough. In short, my perspective is biased. The first part of the interview was published yesterday, the second part comes out next Thursday (4th November). If you read the interview, I suggest that you seek the perspectives of other staff and board members to achieve a balanced picture.

Over the past couple of days some important changes have occurred at the SA. On Thursday Mike Cohn stepped into the chairman role, a leadership role he has resisted over the past year, yet essentially carried out anyway from the background. Having Mike formally become the chairman lends a congruence to the SA board that was formally lacking. The first open board meeting was held this week, with CST and CSC members invited to phone in. News items on the SA site appear to be coming with more frequency. And Donna Farmer agreed to a live Q&A session at the upcoming Amsterdam Gathering (contribute a question here). These are all positive steps forward for the SA.

Although I am no longer a member of the Scrum Alliance, since relinquishing my certificates, I continue to take an interest in the organization, and plan to attend gatherings and other events from time to time. I’ll be in Amsterdam in November and look forward to catching up with the many friends and colleagues I have in the Scrum community.

The InfoQ article:  part 1 and part 2.

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